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High-quality animal proteins

Welcome to Veos Iberica. We’re a modern and circular company that processes slaughter by-products and egg by-products into high-quality, protein-rich raw materials for the animal feed industry (feed, pet food and aquafeed).

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Animal applications:

Veos Iberica

About Veos Iberica

Veos Iberica is a Spanish production plant and part of the VEOS Group. As a group we’re one of the specialized global leaders in the animal protein market. Established in 1974 with headquarters in Belgium, VEOS Group has production sites around the globe with a worldwide sales network. In order to guarantee high-quality protein and other products, we are committed to the strictest quality standards. We strive for these standards on a daily basis and in all areas, from research and development down to delivery at your doorstep.

Our values

Our ambition? To be a reliable international partner in the world of functional protein ingredients. Our commitment? High-quality ingredients for the feed & food industry. Our values? Discover them below.

Veos Iberica


Respect for our employees, our stakeholders, our clients, our partners and the environment.


With entrepreneurship as our characteristic, our generated resources are used for growth.


We keep both feet on the ground and are always looking for new ways to improve ourselves.


We research & develop through-out our value chain, from supply to process, from product to application.


A promise is an engagement, cooperations are on the long term.

Family business

We’re a professional managed family business.


Veos’ new water purification installation converts blood into drinkable water

Veos’ new water purification installation converts blood into drinkable water

Veos invests €2 million in a water purification installation that filters up to 150 cubic metres of animal blood per day into drinkable water. Thanks to this new purification installation, the company will use 40% less groundwater by reusing the filtered water in the production process. The investment fits in with Veos’ overall growth and sustainability objectives.

Veos Iberica invests 1.530 solar panels in his plant Monzón

The plant Monzón in Spain becomes more sustainable.

Hemoglobin’s climate change impact result

Hemoglobin, a highly digestible protein source, has a considerable impact on our climate change.  

Platinum EcoVadis medal

We are proud to announce that Valoroeuf has been awarded with a medal. 

Monzon plant

Official opening of VEOS Ibérica Spain

VEOS Group is proud to announce that the new plant in Spain is fully up and running. The new plant in Monzon is the most...


At Veos Iberica you work in a stable, ambitious environment. The Veos Iberica team is a close-knit group of colleagues.
We attach great importance to authenticity and respect.

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